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Revolutionize Your Compliance Efforts

Save +10 hours monthly with our CSA Compliance tool

Know your inventory’s story and generate reports instantly that meet state and inspection requirements.

Create Custom Audits

Complete custom audits to keep up-to-date information on your inventory

Enjoy the flexibility to conduct audits on any aspect of your inventory – whether it’s inventory with activity, inventory with no activity, or your entire inventory for any period in time.

Tell a Complete Story

Confidently share a complete story of your inventory with auditors

  • Trace all inventory changes and activities to a specific time and user.
  • Gain meaningful insights and actionable items from your activity records.
  • Save time and easily review discrepancies and adjustments for each audited NDCs.

Improve Compliance

Impress your auditors with compliant reports you can generate in seconds

With C2 Keep’s holistic inventory activity tracking, generating compliant reports has never been this easy and flexible.

Generate state-mandated ninety-day audit reports

Generate compliant DEA biennial inventory reports

Generate corrective action plan-based reports

Biennial Reports

Create a trustworthy compliant DEA biennial Inventory Report in minutes

With minimal effort, generate and store your biennial inventory report for any future audits.

“C2 Keep's DEA Biennial Report was very simple to use and I know that if we ever get audited, it'll be a good, secure report that we can trust.”

Rachel FosheePharmacist | Power Pharmacy

Corrective Action Plans

Save more than 2 hours per month generating reports to meet inspection requirements

Whether as part of a Corrective Action Plan or simply for your own insight, C2 Keep generates summary inventory activity reports for any time period.

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