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Revolutionize Your Compliance Efforts

Save +10 hours monthly with our CSA Compliance tool

Create Custom Audits

Complete custom audits to keep up-to-date information on your inventory

Tell a Complete Story

Confidently share a complete story of your inventory with auditors

  • Trace all inventory changes and activities to a specific time and user.
  • Gain meaningful insights and actionable items from your activity records.
  • Save time and easily review discrepancies and adjustments for each audited NDCs.

Improve Compliance

Impress your auditors with compliant reports you can generate in seconds

Biennial Reports

Create a trustworthy compliant DEA biennial Inventory Report in minutes

“C2 Keep's DEA Biennial Report was very simple to use and I know that if we ever get audited, it'll be a good, secure report that we can trust.”

Rachel FosheePharmacist | Power Pharmacy

Corrective Action Plans

Save more than 2 hours per month generating reports to meet inspection requirements

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