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Welcome to running your independent pharmacy with less stress.

C2 Keep makes it easier to manage your controlled substances inventory and become compliant with the Controlled Substances Act.

Say goodbye to data errors.

Let C2 Keep do the math and much more.

With a built-in calculator and the ability to scan barcodes, C2 Keep makes sure your transaction data is always accurate.

Streamlined Workflow.

Make it easier for you and your staff to fill prescriptions.

C2 Keep integrates with your pharmacy prescription filling software and streamlines your prescription filling process.

Your time, better spent.

Spend more time engaging with your patients and growing your business.

C2 Keep’s automated inventory management processes mean more time for you to take care of your patients and grow your business.

Reduce diversion risk.

Feel at ease knowing that your inventory is ending up in the right peoples’ hands.

No transaction data in C2 Keep can be deleted, or modified without an alibi making it extremely difficult for diversion to occur within your pharmacy.

Generate detailed reports right now. Or later.

Gain insight into your controlled substances inventory like never before.

Whether you are auditing a discrepancy or just curious about the state of your controlled substances inventory, C2 Keep allows you to glean insights into your inventory in ways that are not possible with your current logbook.

Controlled Substance Act Compliance

Be ready… not if the DEA shows up, but when.

At up to $15,000 per Controlled Substance Act (CSA) violation, a single fine can mean the end of your business. C2 Keep reduces your risks.

Maintains comprehensive activity records of controlled substances.
Improves security measures to prevent diversion.
Generates DEA-compliant reporting, including your biennial report.
Supports reporting stolen pills to the right agencies.
Houses your controlled substances records in one place.


Pharmacies, like yours, love C2 Keep.