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Efficient and Compliant.

The most efficient controlled substances inventory management and compliance solution for pharmacies.

Save up to 25 hours a month managing your inventory and instantly improve your CSA compliance.


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Why C2 Keep?

DIR fees, PBMs, staffing challenges, or possible DEA fines… Being a pharmacist is stressful enough. C2 Keep makes doing what you love less stressful.

Replaces your controlled substances logbook with a digital solution allowing for real-time inventory insight.

Links all controlled substances transactions to an employee, thereby reducing diversion risk.

Streamlines your prescription filling workflows by connecting your wholesaler and prescription filling software.

Eliminates 100% of handwriting, addition, and subtraction errors.

Simplifies auditing your controlled substances inventory and generating DEA-compliant biennial reports.

Could your time be better spent?

Use our FREE tool to find out what it costs you to manage your controlled substance inventory today.