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Reclaim 25 hours per month managing your CII inventory

That’s 70% less time than you currently spend and up to 300 hours you and your staff can save a year.

White Glove Onboarding

You’ll feel supported starting with C2 Keep and beyond

Change is challenging and we’re obsessed with making the switch and use of C2 Keep seamless with our:

  • White-glove onboarding through our in-app chat and more
  • Sharing of best practices learned from pharmacists & techs like you
  • FREE training courses on

Rapid Onboarding

Push a button. Import your inventory. Save hours.

Take minutes to import your entire Schedule II drug inventory into C2 Keep from Liberty Software. It’s a 3-step process.

  • Connect C2 Keep with Liberty Software
  • Navigate to Inventory > Bulk Add and push the ‘Load from LibertyRX’ button
  • Add your inventory to C2 Keep
  • Get yourself some coffee because you rock
Ok! That’s more than 3 steps but the last one is super important.

Ok! That’s more than 3 steps but the last one is super important.

*We highly recommend you count and update your Liberty Software inventory first.

Improve Compliance

Look forward to your next audit and reduce diversion risk.

Explore C2 Keep benefits that give your pharmacy the peace of mind you deserve.

Maintain workflow with C2 Keep’s Pending Transaction Cards

Reduce Inventory with C2 Keep’s Split NDC Fill feature

Track changes & prevent diversion with C2 Keep’s Amend feature

Prepare for audits with C2 Keep’s Inventory Alerts feature

Maintain Workflow

Quickly overcome interruptions and reduce errors with C2 Keep’s Pending Transaction Cards

C2 Keep’s Pending Transaction Cards are interruptions’ Kryptonite. They allow you to return to your workflow with first-glance decision support information.

  • Quickly see the prescription number
  • Quickly see the patients’ name
  • Quickly see the prescription’s status (Counted, Verified, Picked Up?)
  • Quickly see and update the dispensed drug’s information

Reduce Inventory. Free Up Working Capital.

Quickly fill prescriptions using 2 or more NDCs with C2 Keep’s Split NDC Fill feature

Say goodbye to splitting NDC headaches with this perfect feature that tracks and keeps your inventory count up to date and reduces your inventory capital.

  • Perfect for when you run out of inventory for an NDC.
  • Perfect for when you need to use up an NDC you can no longer purchase.
  • Perfect for when you need to use up more than 2 NDCs to fill a prescription.

Track Changes & Prevent Diversion

Update any confirmed transactions in real-time with C2 Keep’s Amend feature

We have come to expect the unexpected. That’s why C2 Keep automagically tracks and updates changes to your transactions in real-time. Seriously, it’s like magic!

  • Improve communication by requiring a reason for the change
    – Return a prescription to stock? No problem.
    – Change the drug’s NDC? We got you!
    – Change the dispense quantity? No sweat!
    – Change the fill date? Even that, too!
  • Manually amend transactions as needed
  • Prevent diversion by requiring an alibi (for some users)

Prepare For Audits

Feel most prepared for your next audit with C2 Keep’s Inventory Alerts

Designed to be subtle, C2 Keep’s inventory alerts improve the accuracy of your transaction records.

  • A subtle red background and border alert you to pay extra attention
  • Our automated prompts help you identify potential errors
  • Built-in workflows make it easier to fix potential errors


Pharmacies, like yours, love C2 Keep.

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with our founder, Roland.

Liberty Software + C2 Keep makes all the sense in the world for your pharmacy. Let us show you how C2 Keep can solve your CII Inventory management issues today.

Liberty Software builds pharmacy software for pharmacy success - that’s why we are thrilled to be first to integrate with C2 Keep. We love that they help pharmacies reclaim up to 25 hours a month by improving controlled substances inventory management and compliance.

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