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To obtain your C2 Keep EDI credentials from Cardinal Health, do the following.


With your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) credentials from Cardinal Health, you can easily connect C2 Keep and your wholesaler. This allows C2 Keep to automatically check for shipped orders, and receive and process them for you.


1. Contact your Cardinal Health Sales Representative.

Contact your Cardinal Health Sales Representative and let them know you’ll be using C2 Keep to manage your controlled substances inventory.

They will need to submit a request to have your EDI set up.

The request should include the following information:

  • Your pharmacy’s name and address
  • Your Cardinal Health account number (the one you use to purchase controlled substances)
  • The vendor’s name: ‘C2 Keep’

2. Tell them how soon you need the EDI Credentials & sFTP site.

Let your Sales Representative know you need the sFTP site and credentials set up as soon as possible.


What to do after receiving your EDI Credentials from Cardinal Health?

After receiving your EDI credentials from Cardinal Health, enter them into C2 Keep and test the connection.

To learn how to do this, watch the video below.

*Please note that the input path and output path information will be provided by Cardinal Health. It won’t necessarily be in and out as shown in the video. Enter the information exactly as Cardinal Health shares with you or C2 Keep won’t be able to locate your 856 ASN files.


What are the benefits of connecting C2 Keep and Cardinal Health?

There are many benefits to connecting C2 Keep and Cardinal Health. After the connection is set up:

  1. You’ll enjoy not worrying about forgetting to account for an order item that was shipped to you.
  2. You’ll enjoy not dealing with inventory issues when your wholesaler auto-substitutes drugs.
  3. You’ll enjoy not worrying about your inventory counts being off.
  4. You’ll enjoy a fast and streamlined process to manage your controlled substances inventory.
  5. You’ll enjoy being able to store your drug order information, accompanying DEA 222 forms, order statements, and much more in one location.
  6. And you’ll enjoy having more time to spend with your patients.


How often does C2 Keep process EDI 856 files?

Throughout the day, C2 Keep will check for shipments coming to your pharmacy from Cardinal Health. These shipments are usually processed early in the mornings while you are asleep.

If you have a shipment order coming, it will be ready for you to receive within C2 Keep the morning after you place your shipment.


Does C2 Keep process other EDI files?

For now, C2 Keep only processes EDI 856 Advanced Shipment Notice files. This is the EDI file Cardinal Health sends to you after they have shipped your order.