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Imagine this: Controlled substances vanish from your pharmacy. Panic sets in. You have a mountain of paperwork to sift through, audits loom, and patient care suffers. Sound familiar?

Missing Pills Are A Major Headache:

Unfortunately, missing controlled substances are a common problem for pharmacies like yours. Below are 4 reasons why:

  1. Time-Consuming Investigations:
    Manually combing through invoices and transaction data (often times on separate paper logs) takes precious time away from patients and core business functions.
  2. Employee Morale:
    Frustrating investigations lead to stressed and unproductive staff.
  3. Regulatory Scrutiny:
    Missing pills can trigger audits and fines, which may jeopardize your license or lead to employee firings.
  4. Business Risk:
    Repeat offenses can lead to your pharmacy’s closure, leaving a void in easy access to healthcare in your community.

Relying On Paper Logs, Invoices, and Pharmacy Systems Might Not Be Enough.

While some pharmacies rely on paper logs to maintain perpetual controlled substances inventory transactions, these are prone to human errors and manipulation. Not only that, current software solutions might not offer robust audits and discrepancy resolution features, opening the pharmacy up to more forgery.

Prevent and Quickly Resolve Missing Pills With C2 Keep

What if you could prevent missing pills and resolve discrepancies in minutes? You could do so with C2 Keep, a powerful solution that:

  • Automates Tracking of Controlled Substances: Seamless integrations with pharmacy management systems and wholesalers streamline perpetual inventory tracking and improve investigations.
  • Simplifies Investigations: Resolve discrepancies quickly with built-in tools that support identifying the source of the error.
  • Reduces Regulatory Risk: C2 Keep’s robust security features deter diversion and ensure compliance.
  • Boosts Productivity & Morale: Free your team from tedious paper-dependent investigations void of quick insights, and let them focus more of their time on patients.

Don’t Wait For Missing Pills Disaster – Take Action Today!

Schedule a free C2 Keep demo and see how it can transform your pharmacy. Stop wasting time and money investigating or preventing missing pills. Instead, enjoy the time and ability to focus on what matters most, your patients!

Click here to schedule your free C2 Keep demo today!

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