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(Louisville, KY – February 29th, 2024) C2 Keep, a leading provider of controlled substances inventory management and compliance solutions for pharmacies, is pleased to announce its integration with PioneerRx, a market leader in pharmacy software owned by RedSail Technologies. This collaboration aims to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of pharmacy owners and staff, encompassing Controlled Substances Act (CSA) compliance, robust inventory management, and audit preparedness. By leveraging the seamless integration between C2 Keep and PioneerRx, pharmacies can streamline their operations and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

C2 Keep offers a sophisticated web-based application that supports pharmacy owners in achieving and maintaining compliance with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Through its comprehensive suite of features, including proprietary activity tracking and secure records storage and retrieval, C2 Keep empowers pharmacy owners and staff to proactively ensure adherence to CSA regulations. By leveraging C2 Keep’s robust capabilities, pharmacies can streamline their operations and confidently navigate audits with ease, fostering a culture of compliance and professionalism in their establishments.

For PioneerRx customers, the integration with C2 Keep’s web-based application presents an invaluable opportunity to navigate the dynamic landscape and evolving requirements of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This includes seamless compliance with the newly established Wholesaler-led Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) requirements. Moreover, by harnessing C2 Keep’s seamless integration with primary and secondary wholesalers, pharmacy owners and staff can experience significant time savings, access real-time insights, and effortlessly reconcile discrepancies. It’s no wonder over 750 pharmacy owners and staff rely on C2 Keep daily for their compliance needs.

Commentary from Roland Achenjang, CEO of C2 Keep

Roland Achenjang, CEO of C2 Keep, underscores the significance of this integration, drawing from his firsthand experience as a former pharmacy director. He emphasizes the critical need for pharmacists to embrace and leverage technologies that streamline their ever-expanding responsibilities, particularly in the face of evolving regulatory landscapes. He says, “By doing so, pharmacists can mitigate the risks of non-compliance with regulations, ultimately safeguarding their operations from potential fines or closures.” Recognizing the indispensable role of independent community pharmacies in healthcare provision, C2 Keep remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting their endeavors. Roland Achenjang adds, “The integration with PioneerRx stands as a testament to this dedication, empowering pharmacy owners to navigate their responsibilities with greater confidence and focus on what matters most –– delivering exceptional care to communities.”

About the Controlled Substances Act

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970 regulates drugs based on their potential for abuse and medical use, impacting pharmacies’ operations. Pharmacies must adhere to these regulations to ensure proper storage, record-keeping, and dispensing practices for these medications. Penalties for non-compliance vary based on the substance’s schedule and the violation’s severity, including fines, license suspensions, or pharmacy closures..


About RedSail Technologies

RedSail Technologies, a trusted innovator in pharmacy software, is transforming patient care. Empowering over 10,000 pharmacies serving more than 8 million patients monthly, RedSail has deep experience with the needs and concerns of pharmacy across sectors – community, long-term care, outpatient, clinic, HME/DME, and specialty pharmacies – and their pharma, payer, and strategic industry partners.

Knowing the heart of pharmacy is the desire to provide meaningful patient care, RedSail makes daily pharmacy operations more seamless through advanced pharmacy management systems, transactional and medical billing services, and patient engagement solutions. Our leading brands, including PioneerRx®, groundbreaking Axys® long-term care pharmacy software, PowerLine®, TransactRx®, and QS/1®, provide the efficiency and industry integration that liberate pharmacists to focus on patients.

About C2 Keep – CSA Compliance Solutions

C2 Keep stands as a pioneering force in providing fully integrated web-based solutions for Controlled Substances Act (CSA) compliance, audit preparedness, and inventory management tailored specifically for pharmacies. At the helm of this innovative venture is Roland Achenjang, CEO and a former pharmacy director who understands the pressing need for streamlined solutions in the dynamic pharmacy landscape. C2 Keep’s commitment lies in empowering pharmacy owners and staff, offering a comprehensive platform that ensures adherence to CSA regulations, facilitates audit preparedness, and optimizes inventory management. With a focus on reducing compliance risks and enhancing operational efficiency, C2 Keep remains dedicated to supporting the vital role of independent community pharmacies in delivering quality healthcare services.


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